V.A. & County Benefit General Information
It should be noted that not all VAC's located throughout the State of Illinois provide VA benefit and claim service. However, all VAC's have established some form of county veterans assistance programs.
V.A. Benefit & Claim Assistance

Many of the county veteran service officers located in the various VAC's throughout Illinois provide a no-fee claim service that will assist you with the processing of your Department of Veteran Affairs claims. There are a variety of claims. But, the most common are claims for non-service connected healthcare and service-connected conditions relating to wounds, diseases, or in-service injuries. Some of the services you may be entitled to are general healthcare, VA hospitalization, prescription service, compensation, pensions, home loans, education and death/burial benefits such as headstones and presidential certificates and burial rights in one of the national cemeteries. Those VAC's that have veteran service officers can process your claims in a professional, compassionate, and an expedient manner as possible. The VSO will answer your questions, prepare the needed documents, help you secure any necessary supporting documents, and provide follow-up services on your pending claim. They can also assist you with obtaining certified copies of your discharge documents and other military files. The task that's ahead of you will never be as great as the power that's behind you.
County Veterans Assistance

The VAC's are your advocates and may be able to assist honorably discharged veterans with local services based on the veteran's eligibility, family size, and the established policies of each individual county. Some of the services may include transportation to VA hospitals, clinics, and vet centers and other program services may be in the form of job search, emergency assistance, and periodic aid with shelter, utilities, and food. There is a comprehensive application process that requires some or all of the following: proof of all family income, your most current discharge documents, job service documents, Social Security, tax returns, and proof of the acceptance or denial from other government assistance agencies such IDES, IDHS, and LiHeap. In order to avoid duplication of benefits and benefit fraud, most VAC's will complete a background check.